Double regatta this weekend for our Sun Fast 3200 ⛵️ TEAM CAPTAIN NASON’S ⛵️

// 2 November 2022 //

Summer weather ☀️ for this Coupe de la Ville organized by the Club Nautique de Saint Raphael with a race validated on Saturday in 7-11 knots from South of East and a little chop that doesn’t make it easy 😅 on the edges of meadows .
On Sunday, two legs run in ideal conditions for the boat with 13-18 knots of easterly wind and a bit of tactics 🤔 to get the windward buoy at Boulouris.
Results over the 2 days 🏁 4-1-1 which puts us in the lead 🥇 in the general classification with only 9s difference in compensated time
on our competitor Maximois the Rush Régate LA MICHE and the pack of SURPRISES Raphaelois perhaps further behind..
Like what all the seconds gleaned are good to take…

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