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You have all heard about the Love Love, Sangria, Mélody, Fantasia, Attalia and the arrival of the first Sun range: Sun Fizz, Sun Légende, Sun Kiss, Sun Rise and Sun Fast. To celebrate the range’s 60th anniversary, Jeanneau is creating a new, innovative and modern generation of Odyssey. We must not forget the DS (Deck Saloon) a very successful model with the Anglo-Saxons, Sun Fasts have been making the headlines in competitions: Transquadra, Spi Ouest France, Snim, Fastnet, Barcelona Race, Giraglia, Course des Iles, either solo, double handed or crew handed, these races are particularly fine examples of the sail yard’s and the boat owners’ dynamic approach. Jeanneau Yachts are an ode to pleasure, with unequalled comfort and luxury for boats of this size.
Forever a sailor at heart!

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