Regatta weekends follow one another for our SUN FAST 3200 ⛵ Team Captain Nason’s ⛵

// 2 November 2022 //

Playground at the bottom of the Saint Tropez golf course with the City of Grimaud Trophy
A line-up of serious IRC competitors including the ILC 30 MACAYA and the JPK 10.10 EXPRESSO
Various conditions 🌤 ranging from near calm to 18 knots of wind…
Banana courses 🍌 of 0.5 nautical 🤯, and a coastal course with a good reaching edge under Code 0 😜
Arrivals with three boats in less than 5s 🤩
What happiness….
Assessment: 4 races run (4-1-3-1) which allows the boat to take the lead 🥇 in the general classification…

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