Sea Trials Jeanneau Cap Camarat 8.5 WA

// 6 August 2020 //

How does an outboard engine restart take place?

It all starts with a visual check, checking the cold oil levels then starting the engines on land to check if there are suspicious noises or possible leaks. In addition, it allows oil to circulate in the engine.
The next step is to turn off the engines. It is essential, it allows to check if the oil level is correct and to add more if necessary.
The next step is to restart the engines in the water with a dynamic sea test.
A gradual acceleration is done until reaching 100% acceleration to control the engines at their maximum speeds. We can then check again for leaks, oil temperature, engine cooling and overall engine performance depending on speed.
It is important to do this test to directly detect any concerns in order to resolve them as soon as possible so as not to hamper the life of the engine.

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