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Boat maintenance and wintering on the Côte d’Azur.

Work needed on your boat?

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Our team is available to help you prepare your boat, wash it, carry out regular maintenance, overhaul the engine or perform any other technical and mechanical work.

We are also the only ones in the area able to offer a closed paint shop that can take boats of up to 55 feet (18 meters).



Boats up to 50 tonnes can be taken out of the water and held in one of our hull cleaning facilities, 200 m2 of which at Cavalaire sur Mer has been refurbished. Boats up to 21 metres in length can be taken up using 2 lifts of 50 and 30 tonnes. New anti-pollution standards have been implemented for treating water and waste. Contact us at any time and make the most of our excellent prices for hull cleaning and annual maintenance or to be able to get your boat out of the water and do the work yourself in one of our maintenance areas. All maintenance facilities provide various services and a specialist ship’s chandler.



This is carried out in purpose built storage facilities over 40,000 m2 in size. Your boat will be protected from the weather with our blister system so your boat will come out with a shine in the Spring. We can hold 650 boats in open storage or under cover. Preparing the boats for winter is carried out by experienced professionals.


As an authorised service centre for the most well-known engine manufacturers we have a modern high performance engine preparation shop, general mechanical workshops, welding shops, electrical facilities and so on.


A well-maintained boat is an essential prerequisite before putting out to sea. That’s why Captain Nason’s Group makes this our top priority. We do small repairs to the hull (inside and outside), to the bridge, tackle, fittings and mechanical systems. We can also install and repair plumbing, electrical systems, navigation electronics and safety gear. We can also contribute to the good state of repair of your boat with cleaning, joinery work, installation of navigation equipment or leather work.


The Captain Nason commercial team is here to help you choose your next new or second hand boat. We can also provide personalised financing solutions. The team is also available to assist you when the time comes to sell your boat. We are here to help.


Give your boat a new lease of life or personalise a new hull in our high performance and ecological 18 m paint shop. Boats up to 55 feet in length can be accommodated. Color Dream offers a large choice of colours and quality paints recognised in the marine industry as well as joinery, repairs and polyester composites.