Four Winns boats

Four Winns - Three Unique Experiences:
H-Serie - Outdoor Freedom: The H-Serie range offers stress-free adventure with outboard models ready for saltwater adventure. A modern classic, each boat invites you to escape the pressures of everyday life.
Hybrid Deck (HD) - Elegance and Intimacy: The HD range redefines the deck boat with generous space, hand stitching and an elegant exterior design for intimate moments at sea.
Multihull - Exclusive Ambiance: The all-new TH36 embodies contemporary elegance, optimizing every square centimeter of this motor catamaran, offering incredible exterior and interior volume with its two suites, for a sophisticated maritime experience with friends or family.

Four Winns H1 Hb

Starting from 55 212

Four Winns H1

Starting from 74 472

Four Winns H2 Hb

Starting from 77 472

Four Winns Hd3 Hb

Starting from 81 000

Four Winns H4 Hb

Starting from 95 976

Four Winns Hd5 Hb

Starting from 94 980

Four Winns H2

Starting from 96 888

Four Winns Hd3

Starting from 100 056

Four Winns Hd8 Hb

Starting from 103 980

Four Winns H4

Starting from 110 436

Four Winns Hd8

Starting from 113 784

Four Winns Hd5

Starting from 119 844

Four Winns H6 Hb

Starting from 153 540

Four Winns H6

Starting from 154 416

Four Winns Horizon 290 Hb

Starting from 221 484

Four Winns H2e

Starting from 226 332

Four Winns Horizon 290

Starting from 262 632

Four Winns Th36

Starting from 632 400