Wellcraft boats

Welcome to the exciting world of Wellcraft, where two distinct ranges offer you exceptional nautical experiences.
The Wellcraft Fisherman range embodies the spirit of true sportfishing. With its sporty design, its comfortable hull and its fishing equipment, it allows you to combine speed, intensity and speed. Embark on thrilling adventures where the sea becomes your playground.
Also discover the Wellcraft Commuter range, a business class nautical experience. Featuring a hull designed by Michael Peters, these fast cruising boats offer a premium level of comfort and equipment.
Sail in style and enjoy an uncompromising maritime adventure.
Whatever your choice, Wellcraft boats are designed to provide you with memorable moments on the water, whether in the excitement of fishing or the refinement of a luxury cruise.
Live the Wellcraft adventure!

Wellcraft 202 Fisherman

Starting from 58 896

Wellcraft 223 Fisherman

Starting from 105 240

Wellcraft 243 Fisherman

Starting from 129 516

Wellcraft 263 Fisherman

Starting from 168 672

Wellcraft 302 Fisherman

Starting from 211 308

Wellcraft 355

Starting from 420 000

Wellcraft 352 Fisherman

Starting from 522 168

Wellcraft 435

Starting from 882 000